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How Final Damage Works in Dragon Nest

Final Damage in Dragon Nest SEA is pretty popular to players. For them, it's the most needed stat to boost your character's damage. Well, that's what everyone told them. So, to enlighten the mind of all those misinformed DN players, I will discuss what Final Damage really is: how it works, how it is acquired, its limitations and more. This will definitely help you truly understand the basic concept of Final Damage and at the end of the this article, you will know if its worth investing your gold for an FD build.

What is Final Damage?
To start with, let me give a brief description of Final Damage. FD is a stat that boost your damage in a certain percentage. It is said that the bonus damage will depend on the PLAIN damage you will dish out to your enemy, which only means that critical isn't calculated yet. 

Final Damage Calculation
FD is added on your PLAIN damage and not multiplied. In the past, it was believed that FD is calculated as Plain damage + (Each hit x Final Damage). The number which appears on your FD stat info is the one being used and with the formula above, it is clear that skills with multiple hits has the most benefit from Final Damage. For example, suppose that I have casted Moonlight Splitter with a 3,000 damage per hit and I have a 500 Final damage. Using the formula, my total damage (without the critical yet) would be:

3,000 + (3 x 500)= 4,500 damage

Well, that's the old calculation. The new and current FD in Dragon Nest SEA has been revamped. Instead of adding the FD to each hit, it is now believe that FD is added to the total plain damage of ONE hit of a multiple hit skill. In addition, the Final Damage number you will see in your stat info isn't the one being use now in the calculation. Instead, now, it only serves as a basis on how much percentage of extra damage you will get. Check out the image below to see what I mean.
Drag your mouse to the Final Damage in your Special Attack Info to see the Percentage Damage Boost (Click to Enlarge Image)
The next thing you need to know is that FD stat has become more trickier when it got revamped. Now, Final damage is more dependent on the level of your target. This means that if you have a current FD of 500 and you hit a level 40 target, the damage percentage boost won't be the same when you hit a level 50 target. The korean developer of DN KR has provided a Final Damage table which allows us to determine how much damage boost you will inflict on a certain level target, with a certain FD number. You can check it out below:

And lastly, Final damage has certain limitation. To be more specific, FD can only boost 100% additional damage and will not exceed that limit. At level 50 cap, you must have 1,300 FD to get the 100% damage boost on every target (see FD table above). 

So, if we sum up all these facts for Final Damage, the new FD calculation would be:
Plain damage + (FD% x Plain Damage)

If we use the same example above and we test it with a level 40 and 50 target, then we will get:

Moonlight Splitter damage= 3,000 per hit
Final Damage= 500
500 FD= 31.12% additional damage for level 40 target; 13.57% additional damage for level 50 target.

Level 40 Target:
3,000 + (31.12% x 3,000)= 3,933.60 damage

Level 50 Target: 
3,000 + (13.57% x 3,000)= 3,407.10 damage

Additional Notes: Also, it is believe that there are two thing that you must consider in settling for a Final Damage build. One is that you must acquire the 1,300 FD at current level 50 cap to get the 100% damage boost and more importantly, you must consider the fact that you must have high attack power in order to maximize the full potential of your Final Damage. Do take Final Damage depends on how high your attack power and how high you can dish out damage. In short, the higher your attack power, the more damage percentage boost you will get from Final Damage stat.

Important Notes: This calculation is still experimental and might change without notice. Currently, I am experimenting on the specific calculation of Final Damage and, I would like to ask for your help. If you already know the detailed calculation of Final damage in Dragon Nest SEA, please do share it below by adding it on the comment box.

How to Acquire Final Damage?
There are lots of ways to acquire Final Damage. You can get it by having a set of gears, from titles, accesories or even from heraldry plates. For the sake of newbies in the game, I will show you some recommended in-game items which could be your potential gears, if you want to have Final Damage as your main stat to boost your damage. Check it out below:

Manticore or Apocalypse Set= 196 FD
Totem Set= 245 FD
3 Pieces of Immortal Gear= 300 FD
Ladder Match Level 50 Equipment; Victor's Main Weapon + Victor's Secondary Weapon=210 FD

1 Piece Disciplinary Necklace +1 Piece Disciplinary Earrings= 122 FD
1 Piece Revelation Necklace +1 Piece Revelation Earrings= 122 FD
1 Piece Judgement Necklace +1 Piece Judgement Earrings= 122 FD
2 Piece Disciplinary Apocalypse Ring= 122 FD
2 Piece Revelation Apocalypse Ring= 122 FD

Note: 2 Set of Apocalypse accesories can give you 122 FD which will give you 244 overall FD for accesories only. 

Final Damge in PVE vs. PVP
The next thing you should know is how efficient Final Damge in PVE and PVP.  In PVE, I have no doubt that Final Damage is the stat you want for your character. FD in PVE is pretty good as your damage will get extremely high with FD. However, in terms of PVP, Final Damage is really nerfed. If you're in a PVP match, you will se that your FD is not the same when you're in dungeons and nests. While playing COMP OFF, your FD will be much lower than in PVE and worst, when you are playing COMP ON, you will have no bonus damage gain from Final Damage stat. Want proof? Then see the images below.
Final Damage in PVP COMP OFF (Click to Enlarge)

Final Damage in PVP COMP ON (Click to Enlarge)
Is Final Damage Really That Important?
Overall, I would say that Final Damage is important despite of the fact that it is pretty nerfed in PVP. The damage boost in PVE is pretty significant. However, I don't agree with other players making Final Damage "VERY" Important. In fact, I don't like it being over-rated and overprice as it yes, it is very useful in PVE but, it also got a weakness in terms of PVP.

After this page, you might want to proceed to my explanation in how critical stat works in Dragon Nest.

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