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How To Get Enhance Code (Spiral and Vortex Code) in Dragon Nest

We all know that Dragon Nest SEA has been revamped and, one of the changes that had happened is the removal of the Comet Dust/Tail and Sun Spark. Many players where frustrated with the version 76 update (Halloween update) and many dubbed it as the worst update ever in Dragon Nest SEA. Well, in my opinion it's not that bad as the developer didn't release yet the level 50 spiral/vortex pouches but still, removing the option to get pouches to upgrade level 40 epic gears to 12 or 13 within an instance is a big slap to the face for those players which relies solely on Gold or what I often called NON-CC Spender players.

But, there is still hope for those who want to upgrade their level 40 gears to 10 or up. The only thing is, you need to buy something on the Cash Shop. Have any clue? If you are thinking about Altea's Gacha-Box, then BINGO! Now, you can get level 40 spiral/vortex pouches on the Gacha-Box which only means that if you don't have enough gold to buy one in TH, then you have to spend buying CC with real money. In addition to that, the option to get Enhancement Codes is now based on CHANCES! If you are lucky, then good for you but if you are not, then be prepared to spend lots of gold or CC for it.
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One of my friend from Hollywood tried to open 10 Gacha Boxes and she was lucky enough to get a Spiral Vortex Code (level 8) at the 7th try. See the image below:
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I hope that the developer do put some in-game ways to acquire Enhance Code without spending CC. The removal of Comet Dust is really a killer! Also, I hope that they will address to this problem really soon. 

My Expectations: To tell you honestly, I am expecting something good from the developer regarding this problem. I think and hope that they will release a way to get Enhance Code which will be accompanied with the release of the level 50 enhance code :). Well, these are just my opinion and for those who have read this page, please do share this to everyone you know or even share it to DEVELOPER SO THAT THEY MAY KNOW.

If I do find other ways to get enhance code in Dragon Nest SEA, I will update this page. So stay tuned and also, be vigilant and share it to this page if you have already found out other alternatives.

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